Mary Jo Tascher Wallace

Profile Updated: July 16, 2014
Residing In: Atascadero, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Jack (passed away in 1996)
Occupation: Now retired.
Children: Mark, born 1962; Karen, born 1963;
step daughter Deanne, born 1950;
step son Brent, born 1953.

Yes! Attending Reunion

Received Master's degree in social work from Bryn Mawr College, PA in 1955, after gradulating from MSU (now Universitiy of Montana) in 1953. Have worked in foster care, adoptions, and more recently in home health care of Alzheimers patients. Had very happy marriage with Jack 36 years--prior to his death in 1996 related to cancer. We lived in Abadan, South Iran for seven years in the 1960's, where Jack was an economic analyst at the world's largest oil refinery then. Traveled in 35 countries at that time.

In the 1970's Jack and I (with a small team) enjoyed putting on over 240 weekly half-hour Catholic charismatic TV programs on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) for almost 6 years. Guests shared testimonies about Jesus in their lives and God's answers to prayer.

I have written two editions of a published book, MEDJUGORJE, ITS BACKGROUND AND MESSAGES, made available for purchse and full viewing at (after one clicks under my picure on introductory page of this bible study web site). This Medjugorje book is about unprecedented daily apparitions--from 1981 until the present, in Bosnia--of Jesus' mother Mary having come as Queen of Peace and encouraging prayer.

I recommend your viewing two other well-researched writings of mine that also can be fully read at THE MIRACULOUS IMAGE OF OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE (28 pages about a revered image of Mary that first appeared in 1531), and MARY'S LIFE AND REFLECTIONS, AS SEEN IN THE MYSTICAL CITY OF GOD. (It summarizes highlights of a well-known and lengthly classic from the 17th Century). Added Guadalupe material on this web site shows 13 people from 1531 reflected from enlargements as much as 2,500 times of both eyes of the Guadalupe Image! Do see!

Recently became a secular Franciscan (OFS) and enjoy their monthly gatherings, frequent attendance at daily Mass, bible studies, concerts, etc. Had right knee replacement in May, 2014, following surgeries for broken left femur twice in 2013. Becuse of this, unfortunately I can't attend desired reunion. Use a walker, but can get around driving my car. Live in a mobile home park in Atascdero in the central coast area of CA--halfway between LA and S.F. and near San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay and Hearst Castle. Visitors welcome!

School Story:

Enjoyed high school--especially as Konah newspaper editor. The yearbook summaries I helped write NOW can provide good memories for members of our class and others. Appreciated the opportunities to serve as a Girls' Club officer, and as chairman of its social service committee. This experience helped motivate me in later years to initiate new social service projects. Had much fun being in our play of "I Killed the Count" as the sought-after murderer. Recall being in Christmas Cantata practice when Miss Harris absent-mindedly sang more than once "Gold, Myrh & Frankenstein." Remember putting a pickled frog from a biology class into office mailbox of home room teacher, Miss Boileau. Told her 2 years later--at graduation. :-)

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Mary Jo Tascher Wallace, fall 07, at Atascadero, CA party.
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Mary Jo with her four children. two grandchildren, and Mark's wife Jen (center) at Mark's home near Reno Thanksgiving, 06. From left: Chelsea (Mark's daughter), Karen, Brent, Mark and Jen, Shaun (Brent's son), and Deanne (living three hours north of Mexico City).